Hrimfare Expeditions


Hrimfare af Ranrike is one of the ten Challenge 67’ yachts built for the British Steel Challenge race 1992/1993, which were sailed with teams of trained amateur crew with experienced skippers around the world “the wrong way” against prevailing winds and currents in the Southern Ocean. For this purpose it was called for an exceptionally robust and strong design and construction in steel and stainless steel with seaworthiness, ability to sail against the wind, safety for crew and boat as primary criteria. Hrimfare has fulfilled four circumnavigations and is now equipped for new adventures for the sake of our oceans health as primary mission.


  • LOA: 20.42 m

  • LWL: 17.76 m

  • Beam: 5.26 m

  • Draft: 2.82 m

  • Displacement: 38 tons

  • Sail Area (upwind): 223 m²

  • Engine: Perkins 135 hp


  • Capacity: 6 cabins / 12 beds

  • Linen provided (sheets, duvets, pillows and towels)

  • 1 generator / wind 1

  • 2 heaters (forced air)

  • 2 toilets / bathrooms (hot water)

  • Diesel: 1900 liters

  • Freshwater tanks 1100 liters + watermaker


The ship is built to highest yacht standard for unlimitied operation, and has been maintained and refitted to keep this high degree of structural integrity and safety equipment.

Very extensive safety equipment is of no use, unless the standard of knowledge, training and practise is good. At Hrimfare we do our best to make sure the permanent  crew as well as temporary crew/trainees are fully capable and trained in this field. Regular safety drills and a detailed familiarization scheme are our routine.


Hrimfare´s primary objective is to be a platform for marine scientists to communicate their knowledge about the state of the sea, to the general public and to decision makers and also to serve as an expedition vessel for cruises where a sailing research vessel is most suitable, e.g. trawling for microplastics, sampling of exhaust particles or antifouling substances (Hrimfare has a biocide free foul release paint).

Hrimfare has been accepted by the UN as an official flagship for their campaign SafePlanet, where marine plastic debris and environmental contaminants will be communicated.

In addition, Hrimfare will be an ambassador ship for good environmental boating technologies, to minimize the environmental footprint from its operations. Some of these good environmental technology choices are already in place and communicated to leisure boat owners at boat shows to contribute for a positive change for the marine environment. 


Hrimfare is commanded by a Skipper and First Mate on each journey according to the MCA Category Zero Unlimited operation, where the skipper is certified as RYA Yachtmaster Ocean / IYT Masters of Yachts Unlimited, and the First Mate at least RYA YM Offshore / IYT MoY Limited, as well as STCW Basic Safety and medical training. In addition, we can provide very skilled watch leaders and deckhands to suit the needs of the expedition.

Skipper Hassellöv is the originator of Hrimfare Expeditions. Born in Smögen, at the heart of the Swedish Westcoast, he has dedicated his life to the marine environment as researcher, teacher, communicator on issues of marine environmental chemistry such as contaminant particles and plastic pollution. The contaminant particles include synthetic nanoparticles and marine microplastics. He is a doctor of Philosophy and holds a professur at the University of Gothenburg.

Skipper Marklund has a lifelong and extensive relation to the sea. He´s been sailing ships of all sizes, in seas all over the world. With 30 years experience of engineering as chief engineer in the global merchant fleet he knows all about big scale marine maintenance and has been crucial to the development of S/Y Hrimfare. Jens is also responsible for security routines onboard.

Skipper Langert has made his name as the rigger of prestigious sailing vessels from the 17th century. He entered his first sailing ship as a teenager and has truly dedicated his life to the power of wind. He has performed numerous powerful expeditions as constructor of the riggs and bosun onboard ships like Wind Wagon Astrakan, the east indiaman Götheborg and her french sibling - the warship L´Hermione.

Skipper Rolander is a cheerful member of the team. He is a skipper and sailing teacher for Orust Maritime School and is racing various offshore boats as often as he can. He recently won the D-class with S/Y Gigi in the annual Tall Ships Race. When he is not sailing you may find him in his fine carpentry shop.

Communication Officer Laurin has parted her life between business development on land and a qualitative life by and on the sea. She has a diversified CV reaching from marine engineering, navigation, architecture, advertising and teaching to an extensive and ever growing interest in sustainability, marine environments and sailing.

Watch Leader Eriksson is the sailing psychologist who is very interested people and their personalities and are always contributing to a cheerful atmosphere in the cockpit. He has numerous teambuilding exercises in is foul weather jacket sleeve, if you are up for a corporate event to make your group work better together. Rikard has sailed many thousand miles in dingies and as single handed keelboats, and he has started to pursue his RYA Yachtmaster offshore degree with shorebased certificate and practical course.

Watch Leader Moum loves to be on the water as much as he can, in kayaks, dingies, or sometimes a Volvo Ocean or Match Racing yacht. He is a natural born sailor, and reliable helmsman when the going gets tough. In his day-job Björn is a teacher.

Watch Leader Brusehed is a keen coastal and offshore navigator who loves all sorts of water sports such as diving, fishing and kayaking but he is also an alpinist and forest man. He has been a reliable mate and watch leader on Hrimfare since the start. In his ordinary job Ola is teaching natural and environmental sciences at a college.

Watch Leader Liljebladh has been sailing boats from small yachts to the East Indiaman Gotheborg, and he loves traditional classical yachts like his own R9. Bengt has been cruising yachts around the Atlantic several times. He has spent time in the Caribbean and participated in many scientific expeditions on research ships to the Arctic and Antarctica. He is also very skilled on both mechanical and electronic engineering tasks.