Hrimfare Expeditions


Hrimfare is taken up on land for a major refit and maintanence work to prepare for future expeditions.


The Hrimfare team was preparing the ship for extensive field work and was providing the research vessel for the BONUS SHEBA expedition to the Baltic Sea, and Almedalen Policy week, following a transit through the Kiel kanal, and then the Jutland expedition and after that the Västerhavsveckan leg of the expedition. The season finished with sail training expeditions for the Gullmarsgymnasium high school students. 


The Ship has been restored and classified during the winter. All security equipment is installed and the team has been trained during a four week tour on the North Sea and along Norwegian shores.

Hrimfare is working as campaign vehicle for “Don´t tell the children” (Ren och Attraktiv Kust i Bohuslän) during the Västerhavsveckan in Bohuslän 1–9 August. 


Hrimfare carries out her first communication assignment against plastics in the sea. During Västerhavsveckan in August she works as campaign vehicle for Ren och Attraktiv kust i Bohuslän. 

2012 / 2013

Martin Hassellöv acquires the ship from the UK MOD Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre, in Lymington and commence and extensive refit at Berthon Boats, Lymington. Once new roller furlers, and maintained sails, overhauled rig, new prop shaft and serviced propeller etc have been fitted the Ex Challenger of Hornet, now Hrimfare af Ranrike, is finally launched. An able crew works hard for a week and then sails Hrimfare through the English Channel to Smögen, Sweden in June 2013. During the fall Hrimfare participated in the Västerhavsveckan and started to proove its ability to work as a social meeting point for marine issues.

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